Heimsgir Nirnsson

The Goði


A young man. Perhaps the youngest Goði in Iceland.

Inherited his hof from the previous Goði who was elderly and ailing when he arrived in Norway with his sister and mother, Moeid Nirnsdottir and Volgard.

Born with a lightning bolt shaped scar on his chest, he believes himself to be the chosen one of Thor.

Told Grim the Black that it was righteous for him to seek retribution on Ulf Heggsson, who had laid a hand upon Moeid.

Killed Orm Vailisson in a berserk rage.

Was forgiven by Volgard for killing Orm.

Forgave Volgard for disowning him.

Died an honorable death and went to Valhalla

Heimsgir Nirnsson

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