Grim the Black

A Woodsman and Fearsome Warrior


Killed sometime in the late first Spring by unknown persons.

An old friend of Thorolf Bjornsson’s father, Bjorn. Treats Thorolf like a son.

Fought against the armies of Harald Fairhair during the wars of the unification of Norway.

Known and feared for his foul temperament; most are content to leave well enough alone when it comes to Grim the Black.

Lives in the interior of Iceland, collecting wood to sell it and his carvings.

He slew Ulf Heggsson, the husband of Moeid Nirnsdottir, at her urging and with the support of her brother, Heimsgir Nirnsson.

Has spurned Moeid’s advances, and sees her as a child.

Koll Heggsson was told by Moeid that it was Grim that killed Ulf.

Grim the Black

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