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  • Skum Heggsson

    A new colonist in Iceland, he has just set up a farm next to [[:thorolf-bjornsson | Thorolf Bjornsson]]'s lands. Thorolf lent him 2 handfuls of silver, in return for 3 slaves when Skum's brothers arrived from Norway. A good deal! With Thorolf's help …

  • Ulf Heggsson

    DEAD Former husband of [[:moeid-nirnsdottir | Moeid Nirnsdottir]]. Used to hit Moeid. Was kind of a jerk to everyone. The oldest of the sons of Hegg.

  • Koll Heggsson

    Owes [[:thorolf-bjornsson | Thorolf Bjornsson]] a blood debt for Thorolf saving his life in the bog muck. Was told by [[:moeid-nirnsdottir | Moeid Nirnsdottir]] that it was [[:grim-the-black | Grim the Black]] who killed his brother, [[:ulf-heggsson | …

  • Hegg Eriksson

    The father of [[:ulf-heggsson | Ulf Heggsson]], [[:skum-heggson | Skum Heggsson]], [[:koll-heggsson | Koll Heggsson]], [[:hrafn-heggsson | Hrafn Heggsson]], [[:sigurd-heggsson | Sigurd Heggsson]]. His family is coming from Norway to live in Iceland. …

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