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Sagas of the Icelanders is a game based on Apocalypse World by Vincent Baker. The game is set sometime after the year 874, when the first Norse settlers set foot on Iceland. They were escaping war, poverty and the dissolution of their political freedoms on the mainland. Their families and the people that followed claimed the empty lands, free from rulers and religious pressures, and became lone farmers, determined to survive in this harsh new environment.

In Sagas of the Icelanders you play as one of these settlers between the end of the 9th and 10th centuries, also known as the Saga Period. You need to weigh between upholding your honor, your freedom, or the lives of you and your family. Challenge harsh social norms, get drawn into bloody feuds, and fight to survive another winter. Tell the stories of the settlers’ families, their lives, trials and legacies. Build a new society from scratch and discover or change history as you forge a veritable Saga worth to echo through time.


What do I need to know about Iceland in 900 A.D.?

  • The country was empty and unpopulated before the settlers arrived.
  • There are no great natural resources here, except free land.
  • The settlers are mainly refugees and political dissidents, fleeing the unification of Norway under one king.
  • There are no towns or villages, only scattered farms.
  • There is no ruling class or standing army, just a caste of priest-judges.

“Farmers came to blows.”
— Jón “Grunnvíkingur” Ólafsson, 18th century scholar, summing up each and every Saga of Icelanders.

Complements of Gregor Vuga

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